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About Us

During world war second our Forefathers blacksmith made Metal based products for supply to British Defence Department. Having got Freedom from British regime, We started Manufacturing of Dental Instruments on local basis and this range gone on till 1992.

But now in year 2013 Azam Dental Co is among the leading companies of Pakistan in the sphere of Dental Instruments.

We manufacture high grade stainless steel single use & reusable theater quality instruments with the long range of variety including Dental Instruments. We manufacture the instruments of Stainless Steel import from Germany, France and Japan. We also manufacture the instruments in local Pakistani Stainless Steel. Azam Dental Co offers you a complete line of quality instruments designed to meet the requirement of modern dental procedures. We have a well equipped production unit with up-to-date latest manufacturing facilities. Our products assures professional confidence, reliability and performance, we have the capacity and team of skilled and experienced workers to provide you quality instruments meeting international standards. C.E.O